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Storage Building Services | Design, Fabrication, Installation, Maintenance, Repair, and Retrofits


JPM Fabrication is a Veteran-Owned Business in Northwest Arkansas.  We work with commercial and residential clients. JPM builds custom fabric tension storage solutions and retrofits existing building foundations with fabric tension.  We have designed, retrofitted, fabricated, installed, maintained, and repaired fabric tension buildings for farms, waste and recycling facilities, municipalities, governmental agencies, airports, ports, railroads, and many other commercial or residential locations across the United States. 


We are a top rated fabric tension storage building expert - we focus on quality and meeting the needs of our customers.  We can create any creation since we are a full service fabrication company - we partner with engineers to design the custom storage solutions that meet specific storage solutions.  Storage buildings will vary by the specific use of the fabric tension building, temperatures and weather of the local area + many other factors go into to creating the perform dry storage building for much less than building a traditional building. 


Heavy equipment storage, grain storage, hay storage, salt dry storage, livestock area, and other storage types will vary by use - at JPM Fabrication, we will work with you to develop, build, maintain, and repair your custom fabric tension storage building of your dreams.  

Fabric Tension Storage Solution - Construction - JPM

JPM Fabrication is licensed, insured, and experienced.  We are experts in fabric tension storage buildings.  

Cover Replacement

Our fabric is durable, but extreme and unforeseen conditions can impair your fabric building’s cover beyond repair. In a situation like this, we will be there to provide your building with a cover replacement.


In any industry, unforeseen damage can occur to your buildings fabric cover. In such a case, JPM will provide a cover replacement that will bring life back to your fabric building so you can continue operations. No matter the size of your building, replacing the fabric cover is important to the integrity and safety of your building. Here at JPM we take pride in the quality of our buildings and will always be there to take care of any damage that may happen.


When your purchase one of our buildings, we guarantee that you will be provided with a fabric structure that is both flexible to your operations and supportive to any industry. In the case you have purchased a fabric building from someone else, JPM will still be available to provide that building with a new fabric cover. We will work with your fabric buildings design and purpose to supply the best cover replacement for you.

Retrofit Existing Storage Building

New RetroDomes Are Typically 20-30% Cheaper Than Repairing or Replacing A Wood Dome Roof! We'll Even Tear Down Your Existing Dome So You're Left With a Turn-Key Storage Solution, while being Under Budget.


Check out our Retrofit page for more information on how we can retrofit your dome storage buildings' foundation with fabric tension.


JPM will be there to dismantle, relocate, and re-install your fabric building no matter the reason or distance. Our team will make sure your needs are met when you need a relocation, and we guarantee it will be done right!

The mobility of our fabric buildings is just one of their many benefits. The option to have a temporary building is ideal for companies who are on the go and don’t need a permanent structure. With our fabric tension buildings and relocation services, you can set up a structure for a temporary job site and we can relocate it with you to a new job site. This versatility will allow your company to save money while still being provided with a durable and trustworthy fabric structure.

The cost effectiveness of not having to set up a permanent building for each job site is ideal for the productivity of your business. With a fabric building, you can maximize your investment by having a structure that is inexpensive when compared to traditional metal buildings.


The cost effectiveness plus the ability for your building to be relocated makes a JPM tension fabric building the best choice for you.

Design and Customization

No matter the industry, size, or location, JPM will be there to cater to your needs and accommodate any building design. We ensure that you will be provided with the perfect fit for your building operations.


Here at JPM, we work with you to design a tension fabric building that best fits your needs. We perform on site analysis to ensure that every aspect of your building will be ideal for its intended use. We then draw out the design of your unique building and have it stamped by an engineer. From small, 10x10 buildings to large 100x300+, there is no limit to what we can do for you.


Never let weather be a factor that affects your storage building choice. Fabric buildings are designed and built to withstand harsh weather conditions of all kinds.


From extreme heat, heavy snow, or fierce winds, our steel trusses and specialized fabric covers will hold out against anything that nature can throw its way.

Maintenance and Repairs

As much as we assure that the quality and strength of your fabric building will last for years, anomalies can happen, and damage can occur to your building. In such cases, we will come out to service your building with any repairs needed.

We will also maintain your building for 2 years from completion date when you have us fabricate a custom fabric storage building. We can also be hired to maintain an existing fabric tension building that we did not fabricate or install.


JPM offers tension fabric buildings to a variety of industries. From agriculture, to mining, to bulk storage, our fabric buildings are used around the world for a multitude of purposes. Within each industry there is the risk for damage to occur to the building from daily operations, extreme weather, or just gradual wear and tear.

Our buildings are designed and fabricated to withstand external pressures but there is no guarantee that zero damage will occur to your fabric building. No matter the cause of the damage, JPM will be there to repair your building so you can continue your business safely from within your fabric building.


JPM will install your fabric building with the best service and assure that it is set up to last for years. We can install on a variety of surfaces, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your installation process from start to finish.


Our fabric buildings are designed to match your needs from the first day of its use to 20+ years down the road. This all starts with installing your building. JPM serves a variety of industries and will cater our installation process to ensure you are provided with a properly installed fabric building. No matter if you are installing a temporary structure for a construction site or a permanent storage facility, the quality of your installation will never fall short.


Our installation process begins with an on-site analysis to assess the conditions of the area and begin a building design. Next, we work with an engineer to draw out the specifics of your building to ensure it will provide you with the most efficient structure for your intended use.

Once the building has been fabricated and transported to the site, our installation team begins the process of setting up your very own fabric structure.

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