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Our Services

Design and Customization

No matter the industry, size, or location, JPM will be there to cater to your needs and accommodate any building design. We ensure that you will be provided with the perfect fit for your building operations.


JPM will install your fabric building with the best service and assure that it is set up to last for years. We can install on a variety of surfaces, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your installation process from start to finish.


JPM will be there to dismantle, relocate, and re-install your fabric building no matter the reason or distance. Our team will make sure your needs are met when you need a relocation, and we guarantee it will be done right!

Repairs and Replacement

As much as we assure that the quality and strength of your fabric building will last for years, anomalies can happen, and damage can occur to your building. In such cases, we will come out to service your building with any repairs or replacements needed.

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