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Fabric Tension Storage Building

Fabric Tension Storage Buildings 

Design, Fabrication, Installation, Maintenance, Repair, and Retrofits

JPM Steel Fabrication Worker

Here at JPM, we help with your bulk material storage needs.  We design, fabricate, and install custom tension fabric storage buildings for farms, fisheries, railroads, ports, airports, municipalities, and city & state governments. We can also maintain and repair existing tension buildings. We are based in Northwest Arkansas and service the continental United States.  


Fabric tension buildings are a cost-effective option for storage of dry bulk materials and equipment such as grain, sand, hay, salt, tools, and maintenance equipment. Tension storage offers a semi to permanent option storage building option.  Fabric tension buildings are durable and tough enough to make it through all seasons including extreme temperatures. 

Fabric storage buildings are a high quality alternative to a traditional storage building made of steel or brick.  Fabric buildings are more practical than metal buildings or steel buildings because of their lower prices, easy installation, and relocation abilities.


We stand by our work - JPM Fabrication offer a 25 year warranty on the buildings we fabricate and install.  For the first two years (2), maintenance is included in the purchase price!  

We Design, Build, and Install Your Dreams 

American Made

Veteran Owned Small Business

Founded in 2010, JPM Fabrication is a Veteran-Owned (VOSB) and Family-Operated business in NW Arkansas. We started from humble beginnings and have been blessed to gain the trust of our customers across the country.


JPM Fabrication Storage

One Stop Shop 

At JPM, we know custom work like nobody else! From signs, to handrails, storage solutions, to hand sanitizing stations; if you can dream it, we can build it. We are experienced with a variety of materials to meet your budget and construction needs - we specialize in fabric tension and dome retrofits. We design buildings to meet your needs - we make sure our designs are engineer approved.  We also retrofit existing buildings plus maintain and repair all types of building and storage sites.  If you need a new building, repair, or scheduled maintenance - JPM offers solutions to meet your needs.


Agriculture Fabrication Storage


We Cut Materials, Not Corners 

Even though you will see our reach from coast to coast, we're still a small business at heart. We're the kind of business that wants to make sure to physically inspect every part that leaves our door, no matter how small. At JPM Fabrication, we are committed to quality and attention to detail to ensure your building is built right the first time! If you need a basic building or a custom set of buildings, JPM Fabrication can help!


James Was Very Professional. He looked at the project, didn't know if he could do it

and 2 hours later, it was complete. Great work, Great guy.

- John B.

When we bought our garage a few years ago, the original front door was beyond repair. James was able to make an exact copy, down to the chiseled details. It's a work of art.

- Doug G.

It's nearly impossible to find people who still apply good old techniques,

but James is keeping those traditions alive. Great Team & Great Quality of Work.

- Patty H.



As a Veteran and family-owned business, JPM works tirelessly to ensure the upmost integrity when serving our customers. Our teams mastery of fabrication guarantees that your request is completed right the first time. We take pride in the personalization of our products, as well as the assurance that our product will last. Compare our designs and builds to any competitors and you will see why we stand out. From our customer service, to our 25 year warranty on buildings, you will see why we stand apart from the rest!

If you need cost effective dry storage building options, JPM Fabrication is here to help with all of your custom fabric tension buildings, maintenance, and repair. 

Fabric Tension Storage Building Industries

Fabric Tension Buildings & Industries 

Agiculture Fabric Tension Storage Buildings


Look no further than JPM’s hoop sheds if you are in need of storing your produce or protecting your equipment and supplies. Whether its farm equipment, grain, hay, fertilizer, cotton seeds or seeds in general, our tension fabric buildings provide the best protection at the lowest cost. 

Government and Municipalities Fabric Tension Storage Buildings

Government and Municipalities

Municipalities and governments may store salt, sand, equipment, or other items. JPM Fabrication can build maintenance buildings or custom fabric-tension domes that are engineered to fit your existing foundation or, what we refer to as -a retrofit or retrodome.

Waste and Recycling Fabric Tension Storage Buildings

Waste and Recycling

Disposing of waste is a vital part of maintaining a healthy community. JPM can build custom fabric tension projects that can aid in waste removal and recycling.

Aviation Fabric Tension Storage Buildings


If you are considering buying a building to store your personal or commercial aircrafts, look no further than JPM’s tension fabric buildings. Our fabric structures provide your aircraft with leading protection at the best price for you. 

Mining Fabric Tension Storage Buildings


Mining operations are important for gathering essential natural resources such as coal, iron, and copper. Providing competent workspaces for these operations is crucial to maximize productivity. A tension fabric building is perfect for these operations. 

Equetrian Fabric Tension Storage Buildings


Providing your horses with a comfortable environment is critical to their health and performance. Whether you are working your horses to heard cattle, perform in rodeos, competitions, or just everyday use, our tension fabric buildings are the perfect choice for all your equestrian needs. 

Port Intermodal Transport

Intermodal transportation  including ports, rail, and airports need dry storage buildings for storing products, machinery, and equipment.  JPM will work with you to build a customer fabric building that meets your logistic needs.  

Rail, Port, and Airport - Intermodal Transportation Fabric Tension Storage Buildings

Railroad Transportation

Railroads connect our country and transport vital resources from one place to another. Along the way these resources need a place to be stored and JPM offers the best fabric tension buildings for that. This includes rail depots and intermodal storage facilities.

Our Services

No matter the industry, size, or location, JPM will be there to cater to your needs and accommodate any tension building design. We ensure that you will be provided with the perfect fit for your building operations. We offer design, fabrication, installation, retrofits, maintenance, and repairs for any type of storage or operational buildings including retrodomes (retrofits) and fabric-tension buildings.

Maintenance and Repair

JPM Fabrication offers building services to meet your business needs,  We work with our clients to build and design custom solutions to meet their storage or operational needs.  We also can relocate buildings, replace fabric tension covers, and repair any issues.  With some of our products, a 2 year maintenance package comes standard!  Maintenance can also be added to ensure your building meets your storage or operational needs for years to come.

Fabric Tension Maintenance and Repairs
Fabric Tension Storage Buildings


Fabric Tension Storage Buildings

JPM Fabrication is not limited to any specific industry. Our team’s specialized knowledge allows us to be versatile to any market and cater to our customers' needs. We can design, fabricate, install, maintain and repair any type of storage, maintenance, or operational fabric tension storage building.  We have installed tension buildings across the United States. If you need a more efficient, durable, or affordable option - we have building products to meet your needs. 


RetroDomes or Retrofits from JPM Steel Fabrication are the only fabric-tension structures specifically designed to fit your existing round foundation. Considering Repairing or Replacing your Wood Dome Roof? New RetroDomes are typically 20-30% cheaper than repairing or replacing a wood dome roof! We'll even tear down your existing dome, so you're left with a turn-key storage solution. 

Under Budget.


JPM Retrofits
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